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Charlotte Anne Dore


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Standard British, Irish brogue, Scottish,Italian, Cockney, British North Country, Mid Atlantic and Southern USA.

Skills and Specialities

Mime, clowning, improvisation, karate, African dance, Hip Hop, Storytelling, painting, sewing, sculpting, playing guitar, Mass drivers licence, singer, basic juggling, and PUPPETRY!!!

Owner of Rosalita's Puppets a puppet company. I build the puppets, write the shows and perform all over New England. Check out

Writing and Directing

As you can see from above I have written a variety of shows.In the US most of those original shows are presented through Comedy Theatre productions for whom I also do some casting and directing.

I have directed kids and taught Theatre for a long time starting in high school where I ran the drama club. Then in the US I ran theatre programes at summer camp ( for about 10 years), taught story theatre classes in Boston and worked with Urban improv for about 5 years.


BA ( Hons) Creative Arts from Nottingham trent University. A semester at the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied dance, tai chi, animation,performance . Instructors include: Nancy Brown, Rowland Miller,Nigel Stewart, Sandy Strallen. Voice Tutors.Paul Newham, John O'Neil, John La bella, Annabelle Graetz . African Dance. Kofie Leo, Theresa Swain


National Youth theatre of Great Britain. Unicorn Children's Theatre,Half Moon Young People's Theatre,Greenwhich Young peoples Theatre, Movingstage marionette Co.

Unusual Opportunities

Not included in Bio or resume here are some of the unusual things I've done.... Performed on stage at the Montreal Jazz festival (around 2004 ish) with the "funk brothers" yep they asked up people from the crowd and I got to sing in front of a few thousands people. Somewhere theres a video of it but I havent found it. While working as a "stand in" on grown ups I got to read a scene with oscar winner Selma Hyak (of course it'll never be on screen but it was a great experience.) I've performed on the stage at a BBkings in Florida... dancing with a James Brown tribute band for a song or two. I did street theatre in Covent Garden London in my youth. Once at a club while in college the power went out and I started singing dancing and tapping a rythm to get the club and party going again. Also around my college days I went through a phase of trying stand up comedy in various clubs. When I first arrived in Boston I would perform at coffee houses with my original songs and before that in the UK I wrote some trance style music with a musician ( Paul Bradder)this was when computer music was just begining ( I think I still have the tapes somewhere). While in Chicago at the Art institute ( college days again) I performed at various poetry slams and diary readings.

I've played roles ranging from cows, to smurfs, to elves, to Betsy Ross, to Abigail Adams, to a pair of gorilla feet.Who knows what's next? Perhaps I'll have a chance in future to play..... Anna from the king and I or Little Dorrit, Mary Poppins or Janis Joplin the possibilities are endless.



Test Colonial holigram ( non broadcast) Catherine ( colonial lady) Boston Tea party Ship and Museum
40 Audio Books including " A place in The country by Elizabeth Adler Narrator Audio Go/ Blackstone Audio & Tantor Inc
Zookeeper ( staring kevin james) Puppeteer for Gorilla (5 days as dayplayer) Zookeper prod.
Grown Ups ( staring Adam Sandler) utility kid stand in for over 30 days lakehouse prod.
We Shall Remain (American scene award winner) Elizabeth Hopkins (speaking role) WGBH for pbs
Open wide (student short) Alice (lead) Star shaped japan productions
The Box ( with cameron Diaz) Walter photo double and stand in Utopia Planitia Prod.
Ashecliff Core mental patient Paramount
Educational video Teen , teacher, neighbour (speaking) Freelance players Inc
Re- Action ( Boston Emmy winner) Teen and parent Foul weather productions for WGBH
PSA for CNN world bank Narrator for 13 slots Element
New Man Lotte (principle) Watford Youth Theatre
Ad for Zodiac Arts
Announcer Heatwave Radio
Keep In Touch Presenter Hospital Radio Training
Shadow Puppet making Workshop Demonstrator Meadowhall television
Ad for Witch Dungeon museum Mary Warren and Voice over Time Warner cable
Order and Elegance Exhibit Voice of victorian lady Peabody Essex Museum
Halloween Ghost Stories Narrator WBACH
Theatre Credits (selection only) * denotes show I wrote ** denotes show co-wrote
Hell of a Kitchen Marta Stewing Mystery Cafe
The Mobfather ** Nana Comedy Theatre Productions
Candidate for Murder* Philipa Flip/ Agent undercover Mystery Cafe
Chuck Darwin Science Investigator Natural Selection Science Theatre at the museum of science.
Death by Disco* Vickie Velveeta (diva singer) Comedy theatre productions
Miss Marples Attends a Matinee Miss Marples QEII Players for boston theatre marathon
Unsinkable Unthinkable All the roles in 20 min one person show Science theater
The Importance of Being Earnest Cecily Cardew Wocester Foothills Theater
The Mikado Peep Bo American Stage Festival
Hobson's Choice Maggie Hobson Summer theater at Mt Holyoke
Are You Ready My Sister 3 Quaker women Underground Railway Theater
Murder Speaks Easy* Mimi ( 20s singer) CTP touring at Cape Codder etc
The Playboy of the Western World Sara Tansey Lyric Stage Co.
The Music Man Teen ensemble and dancer N.H Performing Arts center
Blithe Spirit Edith Harbor Theater Festival
Oedipus Rex Greek Chorus Lyric Stage Co.
Lady Windemere's Fan Lady Agatha Lyric Stage Co.
The Wake of Matty O' Malley Bridey O'Malley Darlyne Franklin Productions
One Is ... the Other Isn't Multi-singer Centastage
The Crucible Betty Paris N.H. Performing Arts center
It Runs In The family Mother and Nurse Quincy Dinner Theater
The Brightest Night Jester Light and Song Inc.
Traces in Sea** Narrator Theatre Nova ( Touring ) UK
Titus Andronicus Tamora Nottingham Trent University (UK)
Musichall Review Daisy Meadowhall performers Co. (UK)
Can't Pay, Won't Pay Antonia Watford Youth Theatre ( UK)
Godspell Da Vinci Pump House Youth Theatre (UK)
Midsummer Nights Dream Oberon Watford Palace Theatre (UK)
Danger Of Unreality* Edith (one woman play) Pump House (UK) excerpts performed at the BCA (Boston)and at Blood from a turnip (RI)
Spring Awakening Wendla Watford Palace Theatre (UK)
Dick Whittington Milkmaid and chorus Watersmeat Theatre (UK)
Pippin Fastrata Pump House Youth Theatre (UK)
Buildings Incorporated* Margret ( a business woman) Watford Theatre festival (UK)
Guts* Activist Nottingham Trent University (UK)
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