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Where you may have seen me

Charlotte Anne Dore in “Chappaquidick” released 2018

Charlotte  Anne Dore with Ed Helms and Tim Jackson from the 2018 release of “Chappaquidick” with Jas

In this major motion picture  “ Chappaquidick” Charlotte played the role of Mrs Kopechne . The mother of Mary Jo Kopechne . Filmed right here in Massachusetts starring Jason Clarke, Ed Helms and Kate Mara.

Zookeeper with Kevin James

Another photo from “Chappaquidick” by Claire Folger

As a puppeteer I got to work with Oscar winner Tom Woodruff  and his team on the animatronic gorilla used in the family movie “Zookeeper”.

Do I look or sound familiar? Here’s why?

Charlotte Anne Dore with puppet. Actor with puppet.

Each year I preform around 200 live shows in New England. So you may have seen me presenting one over the last few years. From storytelling at schools. Puppet shows at libraries, carolling in December , tours, interactive events, mystery shows, Theatre shows etc. You also may have seen my face on a big trolley or a garbage can. (really). Ooh and if I sound familiar you may have listened to one of the 50 plus audio books I’ve recorded including “ Sheer Mischief  ”  by Jill Mansell. Hope to see you in person. Please give us a call.

About Me

Versatile Actor, Singer and Puppeteer


I am a proud member of the actors unions SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity. I have been performing since childhood. I earned a BA (honours) in Creative arts and after graduating had my first professional job as an actor/singer/ storyteller in a shopping Mall in the UK. In the States I performed in traditional theatre and  now have credits in mainstream movies and  over 50 audio books.  I love the challenge of working on all the dialects and voices in the audio books I've recorded. I especially love interactive and immersive theatre  and am passionate about bringing shows to the community. I value escapism in stories but also want to be involved in work that challenges the way people think and act. Stories of hope, compassion, kindness, redemption and humanity are especially appealing to me. 

Available for Projects

Actor, actress, puppeteer, storyteller, writer, improviser, singer, Boston, audiobook narrator, movi

I work as a full time actor and puppeteer both for stage, screen, new media, interactive shows, character meet and greet and audio book narration. I am happy to jump in last minute or book way in advance. Currently I have good Fall and winter availability. I drive and have a car and will travel all over New England from Maine to New Jersey for workI do have accommodations close to NYC if needed. 

I sing well and am a soprano with Mezzo belt. I can sight read slowly. I have played real people from history/life including Abigail Adams, Madame Curie, Gwen Kopechne, Boy George and Elaine De Kooning. Additionally I own many costumes for historical and fantasy characters that your production can utilise when you hire me... saving you money on my costume.  I can also direct, write, play guitar, sketch, build costumes, puppets and props. These are additional skills to help with your production, that I can bring to the table

Current Projects

Actor, Actress, puppeteer, writer

I host a monthly actors workshop at my studio in Somerville (MA). I am writing a full length musical in my time between gigs. Working with ”History at Play”, “Mystery cafe” and ”Big Smile Entertainment” Upcoming :-“Doll Maker’s Ghost and Other stories “ is to be presented in Springfield MA in October. That show is still available for October bookings . My thriving puppet company Rosalita’s Puppets also has  on going shows  and is constantly booking  for Birthday parties, libraries, holiday parties and Halloween events check out

Cabaret Performer

Excerpt from Cabaret show at Club Cafe in Boston with Todd T July 2019. Show available for Booking. We can also custom the song selection. We focus on show tunes from “Flashdance“ to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to “Phantom” and jazz standards.

On camera

Excerpt from  Ghost Tours a short film by Kris Holodack

All Inclusive Shows


Dollmakers Ghost & Other Stories

An hour long presentation ideal for black box theatres and adult programing at libraries and community centers. This show uses real antiques and objects that come to life as Charlotte tells the stories of The Dollmakers Ghost, Jessica's Well and Dr Joseph White. Other one person shows include:-“Danger of Unreality”,”The Ming Dynasty”,“A conversation with Anne Hutchinson” &

”Titanic Artifacts”. With enough time for research,  I can create a show for your museum or event .

Queen Elizabeth II

From Mimes to Monarchs

Meet and greet characters of all kinds. I can visit as Queen Elizabeth ( both the 1st & 2nd), pirate, mime, princess, elf, Mrs Clause, Violet Crawley, Boy George, Fairy Godmother etc.I also know other performers to help.


Create a show

 From costume to script and even casting I can create interactive immersive and musical entertainment. see


 Annabelle by Marion Chesney read by Charlotte Anne Dore. Ps this clip is from u tube . There is no ” link below” as listed on the screen to receive a free audio book.Sorry. However if you like this book so many of my audio books are available on Amazon and audible. Look up Charlotte Anne Dore


2018 Theatre resume light (pdf)


Contact Me

Charlotte Anne Dore

(617) 633-2832

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